Ok so based on bit of my story and passions:


I chose a career based on fear, not passion - Accounting, which I think most of us have tended to do. It was supposed to be my "back-up" degree/ certificate and it turned into a 10 / more year "back-up" plan which I fell stuck into with all the financial security and benefits but no passion and fulfillment which eventually led to causing serious physical illness and  stress, and forced me to re-look at how I'm making decisions about my work and personal life. Realizing I wasn't being true and authentic to who I am, I made some changes in my career , found out more of who I am and who I am not and want to inspire others to be empowered to follow their instincts, inner voice , and be who they truly are in love, not fear. 



I'm very competitive internally with myself, as well as externally enjoying playing competitive sports: USA College tennis, cycle races from 100km to 200km races.


Fitness and health is a priority for me so when I got debilitatingly ill, I had to really question what was really going on inside of me that was causing  me to not be able to function as I always had been. 


Looking at my life balance wheel I recognized that my creative expression, spirituality and capability of expressing my emotions, wants and needs  was stifled , as well as my people pleasing desires  being at an all-time high. 


Not being able to be self compassionate and continuously being harsh on my self made it impossible for me to acknowledge the positives in my life and continuously focus on the negatives. 


 I wasn't living authentically true to who I am, but wasn't able to fully communicate why or how either. On top of that my desk job in Corporate Audit and Accounting mean't that the most important relationships I had was with my laptop which  left me feeling extremely disconnected from others as well as from myself and who I really am - A human being searching for real authentic connection with myself and others in the work place, and in my personal life. Having moved back home to SA in 2010 after living in the USA for 8 years was also a very difficult transition and means I had to start from scratch with building real relationships with friends, family and co-workers again. 


We are so isolated these days, going to gym on our own, working in our own cubicle, speaking to no one most of the day, feeling the pressure and expectations we mostly place on ourselves to be perfect human beings, creates huge disconnection from who we instinctively are, loving human beings who crave connection. 


I recently did a research on vulnerability and authenticity int the work place and the results were staggering of how many people feel isolated and alone and unable to be honest and real in the work place, not to mention the negative financial consequences of this on business  and relationships. 


Based on this summary and continuous growth season I am in, feeding myself with more and more self awareness and uncovering more and more of my hidden talents, gifts and strengths , I'm learning to allow myself to take more creative risks, having recently started painting, and creating things with my hands, I believe and am experiencing a whole other side to my personality that no one ( especially not me:)) has ever experienced before, but that I felt deep down was something needing to be expressed and will continue to explore this part of me, hopefully encouraging others to explore and take more risks as well.