Hey there

I'm Inge

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A woman, 


ex-corporate slave,   

 fitness & fun freak,       personal trainer, 

and  life coach.                          



And I'm here to tell you that you already have what you need to be the best version of YOU. 



Who am i?

A born and bread South African who lives for a challenge and adventure!

Although I took the safe career route by becoming a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) while on tennis scholarship in the USA, something didn't quite sit right with me...

I was out of line with who I really am. 

There was a deep longing to move back to South Africa and make a  REAL difference in a place that desperately needs hope, especially the women!

So... in 2010 I packed my bags and now reside in Cape Town, the most beautiful city in the world (of course!) with my awesome hubby and fuzzy, coca cola miracle cat Layla (that story bit later)!


How did I go from accounting to life coach?

Since I was yay high, I've always been an active & energetic person, constantly busy with some sort of activity, from gymnastics to piano to tennis to dancing up a storm alone in my room for hours...:)

My grandma calls me her "sunshine child"

When I entered the corporate world, this side of me started dying a slow and painful death!

I found I was throwing all of myself into my job because hey, "that's what everyone does in corporate right?" 

I lost all sense of balance, health - wise. My body started to manifest this stress and im-balanced physically, my attitude turned bitter, and I felt extremely isolated, feeling like I had no options and that I would be a failure for walking away from a career that I had studied 6 years for! 

I tried exploring various other options, from zumba instructor to personal training. I enjoyed learning new skills and being challenged in new ways, but the fear of "not being enough" caught up and I fell back into the corporate drone.

UNTIL I discovered someone who could help me

Finally I stumbled across a life & career coach who was able to hold a space for me to explore my own fears, emotions and options going forward. She also encouraged me and held me accountable to my plan of action which nudged me forward in progress. 

It's the first time that I felt truly heard and understood.

It's the first time I was able to explore the most important questions in my life and find my own best solutions which changed my life forever. 

Being really listened to, feeling heard and valued... what an epiphany which I'd never really felt or experienced until now.

I literally felt the benefit and the change happen inside of me as I trusted the process of coaching, and that is why I decided that this is not just a career choice, it's a way of being that can change entire lives and truly, the whole world! 

So I jumped with both feet! 

Quit my full time job, completed my diploma in Life Coaching and here I am, empowering one life at a time by allowing you to empower yourself from within. 

How Coaching Benefited me and how it could help you:

  • I learn't that my value wasn't tied up in my qualification and/or achievements but in who I am without those things which changed how I view myself, my life and those around me.
  • Reflection has been key in acknowledging my growth and courage to live more purposefully and present. It's a journey.. not a sprint!
  • Being and doing work that is IN LINE with my strengths and gifts changed the whole game of work and life! But it took a big decision to trust, do the work and take responsibility for my own decision and life. 
  • Courage to believe in my abilities, set goals and actually take actions steps forward.

Progress is Key, not perfection

  • It gave me the know how and accountability to change my negative thought patterns from self criticism awareness and self- kindness 
  • Relationship with my hubby improved stupendously by me becoming aware of my limiting assumptions around marriage and men! Being able to manage my emotions and communicate more clearly due to being able to think more clearly changed everything!
  • Health & fitness improved drastically. I was stuck for years with constant neck pain which killed my usual energized spirit! But learning how to make time for things like journalling, reflection, meditation and JUST BEING improved not only my thinking but my physical health too.
  • Spiritually learning to trust and let go of having control all the time (as we do as women... wink!) gave me freedom to express who I am and reduced my stress levels and worry of the future and unkown.

  • Understanding that I control my emotions, feelings and thoughts empowered me to take back control of my time and expectations of myself and others

  • Learning how to set clear goals and break them down practically into a simple action plan made anything possible! Being a bit of a free spirit this was challenging and I'm still growing. 

  • Having someone encourage me and hold me accountable sped up my growth and challenged me to really stick to my path and take action through the fear.
We delight in the beauty of a butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty
— Maya Angelou

My Quick Bio and Beliefs

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From the hectic, frenzy life of public audit in New York City, to establishing a desperately needed HR Support System in a rapid growth Investment firm in Cape Town, to pursuing a passion in line with who I really a - Empowering women to start listening to their own intuition and acting on it.

I am proof that REAL change, courage and purpose is possible!

 We are so focussed on the external world and how it needs to improve. but the world of made of indivuals who by living out their best self can change the world one step and one person at a time! It starts with ME and YOU!


hear it from the people


"You are a good listener and make people feel at ease and that is very important. "

Flo Boore


"I felt comfortable (with her) and very safe in the space. It was a wonderful experience and very informative."

Robin Timm


"She is a sensitive and open minded person who is straightforward, without being critical. She listens intentively and gives you tools to work with in certain areas. She asks thought provoking questions to help you think deeper. She also brings some of her own stories into her coaching sessions, which makes it feel like a safe, sharing environment. I am grateful that she agreed to coach me and highly recommend her to anyone!"

- Natasha Chapman


"Inge is a great listener, she has the ability to listen to what lays behind your words. She is also an amazing encourager. After each session my spirit feels uplifted and excited to take the next step on the journey."

Jonel Oosthuizen