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Hey I'm Inge,



I want to help you create the life you want: financial freedom, physical energy, and mental strength.


...all while having fun and keeping it simple!



Many believe it's not possible to create a balanced life style, but it takes a deep awareness of who you really are, and a clear distinction in what the world is telling  you to be. 

In the world we live in, with technology and Facebook feeding us information, it takes concentrated effort to look inside and be honest with who we are and where we are at. But this is the key to living a growth centered and successful life in all areas, from finance to health and relationships. 









About me

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Put me outside - on a bike or hiking up a mountain any day! I'm obsessed with my fuzzy puff ball cat & connecting & getting silly with my girlfriends! Laughter and fun (Whether it's a good belly laugh at myself or a spontaneous dance move!)  is what keeps me alive & passionate and who I truly am!

My dad speaks 7 african languages, and every time we walk into a restaurant the waiters surround him as if he's a celebrity! (embarassing - LOL!), but one of my goals is to learn at least one african language. I currently speak 2 languages: English and Afrikaans. 

I spent years trying to do what I 'needed' to do based on others opinions and perspectives, until I discovered my own values, perspectives, boundaries and definition of success. 

I gave my heart and soul to  10 years in the corporate environment. Finally I'm taking a risk, and doing something I believe in, in line with who I am, my values and passion!

"There is nothing wrong with fear. The only thing that is wrong is being paralyzed by it. "- Paulo Coehlo

Empowering others to step into their unique gifts and live from the heart, their passion and creativity!

When the main focus is $$, you are climbing the wrong ladder. No matter how hard you work, real success & fulfillment will be fleeting.

Trust me I know what I'm talking about, I've been there...

Mind Body Soul Alignment

Eventually all the hustling for approval and attempts to fit into boxes and labels took a toll on my health: mind body and soul. 

I had to re-discovery what it means to be Inge - who I am at my core, without the past labels, shame and self loathing. I had to discover my own self worth, learn to be kind and love myself before I could attempt loving or helping anyone else. 

I had to find my joy again, find what makes me come alive and step into that confidently in order to really empower and make a difference in the world. It starts from the inside. When there are cracks on the inside, they will keep revealing themselves no matter what we try to do out there in the world.  It is our responsibility to make a change, gain whole-ness , self worth and love in order to step out in the fullness of who we are and what we do. 

Life coaching landed on my doorstep at the right time in my life. It was like a fresh breath of air. A glimpse of what is real, what life is actually about and practical ways to put real purposeful and passionate living into action. 

Connecting and empowering others through who I am is my passion & my purpose. 

It's my calling. It's who I am. 

Live with passion and purpose in all you do. Love from your heart in life and business.

I believe that if you're going to invest your heart and soul (hours, energy & money) in something, let it be something meaningful, something bigger with purpose that adds real value to the world!

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"Inge is a great listener,

and has the ability to listen to what lies behind your words. She is also an amazing encourager. After each session my spirit feels uplifted and excited to take the next step on the journey. "

- Jonel Oosthuizen 

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Inge is a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), who spent 8 years in New York playing competitive tennis while on scholarship, and worked in corporate: Accounting, finance and human resources for 10 years collectively. 

Her passions include any outdoor adventure and exercise (she is also a personal trainer & qualified Zumba instructor), and a newly found passion for people and empowering them from the inside out via life coaching. 

She now lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband and fluffy cat Layla where they both play league tennis & mountain bike.