my story

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Hi my name is Inge Madden (as you might've guessed). and I am here to help you de-clutter and make space again for your dreams and passions in a practical action based space

Who I am

Those closest to me describe as competitive, energizing and FUN loving!

I currently reside in Cape Town, where I prioritize a healthy mind, body and spirit by working up a sweat (either in the gym, dancing or outdoors on my bike), connecting regularly with key networks I've built around me, and keeping my alone time with God a top priority, allowing me to live from a place of peace instead of fear. 

My competitiveness took me abroad where I played competitive tennis and studied in Louisiana and New York. Achieving my CPA, I've worked in big corporates and smaller start ups. Constantly hungry for growth and diversity I've ranged from auditing and human resources to personal fitness training and ZUMBA! Being passionate about a vast range of things I've always been an  "out of the box" kinda girl. My deep love for South Africa led me home 6 years ago with a desire to make a real difference in a place that needs it the most!

I am also motivated by my heart and passion to work with people on a deeper connected level, helping them move forward in hope and confidence in who they are and their abilities,  which I believe to be coaching. This led me to leave my safe, well paid full time career and take a leap of faith towards my passion! I strongly believe that we cannot be fully functional and effective in work or home without taking the time and courage to face what's going on inside of us as well. This is true balance.

Inge Madden Life Coach for Women

How I ended up here

I first heard of life coaching through a friend and tried it out as I had a lot of questions floating around in my head, but no real way of answering them honestly and objectively. 

Life Coaching helped me gain perspective and I became aware of my own self talk and how my thoughts and beliefs were affecting me in personal and work.  It gave me a safe space to just BE, to speak and think out loud without judgement. There is something really powerful in hearing your own thoughts and words reflected back at you, and mostly realizing that they are not the truth or reality. 

Now operating from a place of worthiness (imperfections and all!), has changed the way I think, feel and act towards myself and those I love. 

Recognizing my strengths, passions and weaknesses has given me further awareness on what type of support I need in order to achieve my dreams and goals. ( We all need bit of help!), and it really suites my life style which is very active, on the go! 
Understanding that i am exactly where I need to be, and have everything I need inside of me to live a full, meaningful life is the most valuable lesson anyone can learn. Self Acceptance in order to accept others. 
BUT HEY  it's a life long journey and I never said I was perfect - let's get one thing straight, NO ONE IS PERFECT! AHH doesn't that just feel great saying it! But PROGRESS is what really matters. PROGRESS and being able to recognize and reflect on it will change your life forever. It changed mine!
Inge Madden Life Coach for Women

Behind Closed Doors

While finishing up my coursework and embarking on this new and exciting yet terrifying journey, I love my home time with my "tough as nails yet soft and squishy", Jesus-loving husband and can't resist (force) cuddling my coca-cola fuzzy cat, Layla, who is a miracle cat by the way... but that story is for another time. 

Im passionate about keeping healthy - which to me includes my mind, spirit and body. My alone time with God and nature  keeps me sane. My newly discovered love for gardening is a creative way to spend time outdoors in nature without having to travel too far. I'm a mover which means I enjoy flexibility when I work , and sometimes even pull my desk outside which helps me focus!