You have everything you need inside of you to live your best life


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The question is…

  1. Do you know how to tap into your full potential?

  2. Can you identify your true desires?

  3. Do you have the support and tools to empower yourself and live your desired life? I’ve struggled with these questions too… and decided to do something about it!


Are you are honestly living your best life?

We all reach a point in life where we question our decisions, where we start to wonder about how honest we are being with ourselves.  

We start to question our thoughts, our feelings, and whether what was once so important to us, remains as important now.  

We question what changed inside of us. We are not sure what that change is exactly, but we know something has shifted. 

We start to wonder about how we really want to live, and whether it still looks like the way we have lived up until now. 

We question what is holding us stuck, holding us back from pursuing what we REALLY, TRULY, want. 

And we question, whether it’s ok to truly want what we want, to truly trust our instincts and intuition, rather than going with what social media, our friends, our colleagues, our families, say we SHOULD be doing.

We all reach a point where we wonder how to be happy with ourselves, to accept ourselves inside and out.

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I'm Inge.

And I’m currently living my best life, traveling the world while coaching my clients towards being the best version of themselves!

I’ve learnt to live instinctively, following my inner voice, instead of living from a place of fear.

I’m taking risks, starting a business I’m passionate about, traveling without a fixed itinerary and exposing myself to my biggest fears, growing, changing and learning every single day!


You know that you can also live your best life, whatever that may look like for you, right?

It’s my passion and calling to inspire you to do so and help you to figure out how

Let’s do this!


Start living in flow,

Find your glow

and living your best life!


you, my friend, are infinitely capable of making changes that will positively affect your entire life.


Coaching Packages

come alive

True change requires safe relational spaces - and that's what I’m here for! In this four week course we will: 

  • Declutter & unpack who you are,

  • Strategise, brainstorm and explore solutions for your unique situation,

  • Dig into alternative perspectives,

  • Create an action plan to help you move forward courageously,

  • Connect and have fun in the process.


Are you ready to come into the light? Are you ready to live your best life?

come alive - mind, body, & soul


kind words



"Inge is a great listener, and has the ability to hear what lies behind your words. She is also really encouraging! After each session I felt excited to take the next step on my journey."

- Jonel Oosthuizen 

"During my first experience of Life Coaching with Inge, I felt comfortable and very safe in the space she provided. It was a wonderful and informative experience."

- Robin Timm

"Inge is a sensitive, open-minded person who is straightforward without being critical. She listened attentively, asked thought-provoking questions and gave me tools to work with."

- Natasha Chapman