Learn to Trust that inner voice, your intuition.

Re-align mind body & soul. 

COME ALIVE & find joy again!

"We're the only living form on earth that can actually become the walking dead.

We can actually cut off our source of "ALIVE-NESS". - Mark Nepo

THis is for you if you are feeling

stuck & Overwhelmed

In your job, mindset and life.

In who you are and what you do!

We've all been told at some point what the best career fit would be for us, or what the best decision will be for our lives. But have you ever taken the time to discover who you truly are in order to make the best decision suited to you instead of everyone else around you?


Do you sit at work and day dream about what you could be doing with your life that is actually meaningful for you and for others? 

Do you know there is more to you than most are seeing on the outside right now? 

 - creativity, passion & heart!

Have you lost that desire you had when you first started working, and criticize yourself for being "lazy"?

Are you somehow waiting for permission to live the life you desire and dream of? 

Are you sure you need a change but can't quite put a finger on what that change should be? 

Are you afraid that if you leave the safe job that you will make a mistake & regret it? 

Do you struggle with people pleasing and saying "no" when you need to? 

"There is nothing wrong with fear. The only thing that is wrong is being paralyzed by it. "
- Paulo Coehlo
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I've been there...

Finally the pressure to hustle manifested in my health: mind, body & soul. My body wasn't telling me it's time to make some real life changes to the way I was living. 

What changed?

  • My perspective and self acceptance in my own story. 
  • New clarity on health & well-being of body, mind & soul.
  • Inspiration, heart and creativity in work & life. Self expression and freedom to be!
  • Increased confidence & self-wortsh, without the need for approval o praise. 
  • The skill of learning presence, acceptance in spite of challenges & that worry & overwhelm is actually a decision, an addiction and can be tackled. 
  • Increased confidence in my intuition, heart & inner voice. 
  • Prioritzation of values, doing more of what I love, versus what I "need" to do - based on someone's opinion. 

Work with me

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You have a an inherent set of traits, a unique blue print that makes you WHO YOU ARE.

You have real purpose in this short life!

Creativity, passion and a whole lot of LIFE TO LIVE!

Your body, mind, soul & spirit need to be aligned.

Who you are, what you do and WHY you do it needs to be clear. 

Only then can we empower others to do the same!

I'm here to help you do that.


Coaching Packages

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My belief and experience is that in order to enact real change on the outside (physical, emotional, financial or other), the change need to start on the inside first. 

"What we are un-aware of will control us"

With me (& a little bit of work) you will:

  • Uncover and unlock your own unique traits that make you who you are.
  • Uncover & unblock any limiting beliefs around you, your life & business.

  • Understand & clarify your purpose & what makes you come alive. 
  • De-clutter and clarify a path forward towards a better you.  
  • Find encouragement in owning who you are & taking practical steps towards a more courageous and authentic version of yourself in life and business.
  • Practice & understand what setting healthy boundaries means for you
  • Learn new ways of communicating your needs clearly without feeling like you are being rude!
  • Learning to manage your energy levels (self management).



1  x session

(60 min)

Discover your instinctive blue print (traits) & brainstorm how this impacts you (life & business).

Gain self awareness, de-clutter & strategize.

Complete an online  minute assessment (20 min) upfront (48 hours before skips session).  

Receive blue print report (after session) for your records


3 X sessions

(60 min each)

For you if you know you need a deeper dive into who you instinctively are, your purpose real authentic core. Discover your instinctive blue print.

Depending on goal we strategize a coaching tool box uniquely tailored to your specific needs. 

3 sessions give us more depth to dig deeper and work with mind, soul & spirit. 

Complete an online questionnaire 48 hours before our Skype session.

Complete an online assessment upfront producing your Instinctive blue print for the session (and your records)


A recording of the session (Skype only)

Accountability: via e-mail in between sessions.

Your own unique coaching toolbox tailored to your needs and goals. 


6X sessions

(60 min each)

For the die-hard self development warrior on a mission to real transformation from the inside out. 

Includes All the same stuff as package 2. 

We go down the whole list:

  • Limited Thoughts & beliefs
  • Uncover core values
  • Understand your purpose
  • Understand & apply - strengths & awarenesses 
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Clear Communication & conflict


A recording of the session (Skype only)

Accountability: via e-mail in between sessions.

Your own unique coaching toolbox tailored to your needs and goals. 

**A special secret weapon I will reveal