come alive - mind, body & soul


the Come Alive coaching package

are you...

  • Tired of living someone else’s life,

  • Feeling stuck in your health, life, or career path,

  • Struggling with beliefs like, “I’m selfish for having dreams!”
  • Wondering what your purpose and passions really are,
  • Longing to dream big, but have forgotten what your dreams look like!
  • Feeling anxious but don’t know how to change that,
  • Wanting to learn how to really listen to your instinct,
  • Keen for some creative, playful inspiration!
  • Hesitant to walk this road alone.
  • Wanting to hit ‘refresh’ on your life’s purpose, and
  • Ready to take charge of your own destiny!

In my Come Alive coaching packages

you will...

Un-pack, refocus, re-image and dream again! You'll also learn to instil small, healthy habits for your body, mind and soul. We'll focus on discovering who you authentically are, and from there develop a personal toolkit for navigating through conflict and change. All of these steps will move you from a place of “stuckness” to a place of play, fun, and flow!


Your 4 Week Coaching Journey




Unpack who you authentically are: mind, body, & soul. Check areas in your life where you’re in and out of balance.



Bust those limiting mindsets and beliefs. Declutter your internal and external world. Set healthy boundaries through self-management and taking responsibility.



Dig into your purpose and passion. Dream again: re-imagine and create! Vision boarding with purpose and passion.



Reflect on your journey and growth. Identify your key action takeaways. Answer questions and tie up loose ends!


How does it work?


Before your first session, you'll fill in a brief 20 minute online assessment.


Then you'll attend your 60 minute session, either in person or over Skype.


Lastly, you'll receive your very own tailored report for future reference.



How much will it cost?


Individual Coaching 

4 week package | R2,000
1 hour | R550
½ hour | R300


Group Coaching

2 day workshop | R1,700 per person


Tailored Package


Are you ready to come alive?

come alive - mind, body, & soul