Action, not perfection needed to achieve your dreams


What you will gain by taking on challenges you are afraid of

I’m currently traveling through South America and recently completed a 9 day solo hike in Patagonia, Chile.

I have so many amazing and crazy stories from this adventure but in this blog I will focus more on what came out of this experience for me and how it helped me become stronger, a better more confident version of myself and hopefully motivate you to go after whatever that dream may be that is hidden inside of you! Whatever it may be…

  • ACTION BUILDS YOUR INTEGRITY AND CONFIDENCE (NOT PLANNING). Talking about my dreams doesn’t lead to building my integrity and confidence.  Taking action does. This hike has really taught me that taking action on my dreams breeds integrity, self-confidence and inner strength. I have developed a sense of self-worth that I feel like no one can change or remove from me. It’s internal. It’s a part of who I will be forever and no one can change it. It’s made me feel more credible – I have experiences I can share, not just dreams of things I want to do. 

  • APPRECIATION AND COMMITMENT TO MY BODY & MIND WELLBEING. This trip required alot from me physically, carrying my tent, sleeping bag, food, clothes and medicine. It also required mental strength and motivation which grew each day as I progressed slowly. This trip reconfirmed how important this is to me, to feel healthy and strong. To be able to do the things that make me feel alive and well and happy! We could all use more of that in this life!

  • CONNECTING TO NATURE IS ESSENTIAL FOR MIND BODY AND SOUL CONNECTION. Hiking through the most amazing scenery has reminded me of this amazing world we live in. It’s opened my eyes and my mind and perspective to so much that is out there in the world. Instead of being so darn focussed the drama and what’s going on in my miniscule world, I am reminded  that there is a bigger world out there to explore, learn from and just ENJOY!!! 

Reaching the 3 Towers on day one of the O Track in Torres Del Pain, Chile Patagonia.

Reaching the 3 Towers on day one of the O Track in Torres Del Pain, Chile Patagonia.

  • REALIZE THERE IS NO LACK, ONLY ABUNDANCE. WE CREATE THE LACK IN OUR OWN MINDS AND WORLDS. When I really stop and pay attention, this world truly is an incredible place. I am aware of how easy it is to create a mindset of lack, yet I do really have everything I need in this moment. There is no lack, there absolute abundance everywhere! Everywhere I go I see the abundance of mother nature and how she provides what we need. I meet people who are making their seemingly impossible dreams of travel come true, becoming flexible and finding solutions to questions they have in their lives. 

  • HAVE MORE FUN, PLAY MORE, EXPLORE! This is the biggest value on my list right now in my life coming out of a tough period physically, emotionally and mentally. It feels good to be living my values. Life is tough and it always will be. There will always be excuses and reasons not to do something. Choose to find the reasons TO DO it. Trust your instinct, not the fear.

Reaching the top of John Gardners pass, Torres Del Pain (O Track) after a grueling steep climb up carrying all my luggage, tent and food. Proud & happy as a CLAM!

Reaching the top of John Gardners pass, Torres Del Pain (O Track) after a grueling steep climb up carrying all my luggage, tent and food. Proud & happy as a CLAM!


This brings a whole different dimension and conversation into every relationship in my life. Instead of the same old conversations each day, I’m creating positive, adventurous memories and stories imprinted in my brain to be able to sustain me through difficult tough times in life and inspire others at the same time.

  • LIVE BIG, STOP LIVING SO SMALL! Stretching myself has shown me how small I have been living.  It’s inspired me to expand my thinking, dream even bigger and live larger through action! If I could hike for 9 days unassisted, which I certainly didn’t think I could, I can’t begin to imagine what else is within my reach this year… WOW incredible thoughts to ponder on!!!


    This trip taught me I cannot worry too far in the future and I need to focus on the present moment. Breathing was a big part of this exercise. Learning to become present in the moment and not allow my mind to wonder into the following day or challenge so I can give all my attention to my current one.


  • LEARN TO TRUST THAT INNER VOICE, YOUR INSTINCT. BLOCK OUT THE NOISE & FEAR OF OTHERS. I struggled a lot before this hike with taking on and internalising other peoples’ fears and doubts. This whole trip to South America was almost cancelled because of others’ fears around me, especially those closest to me. Reflecting back, I understand and accept that they had fears – but that these are theirs, not mine. It’s their fears, it’s their “unknown”. It was not mine. Trusting my intuition and learning to hear my voice, my intuition, in between the noise, is helping me to live my life. Learn to decipher the difference, otherwise you will be living someone else’s life before you know what’s happening. 

  • NOT PERFECTION, TAKE ACTION. TAKE THE FIRST STEP. Don’t worry about the 10th step for now. It will reveal itself as you progress and move forward or maybe backward. Let go of perfection and MOVE, just MOVE already! You don’t have to be perfect to start and finish. You just have to be willing to ask for help along the way, learn, fail and grow. 



1. Please share what resonates with you in this blogpost, I’d love to hear from you!

2. What one step that you have holding back on, can you take to get going on your goal?

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