Allow yourself to fully experience the fluidity and sensuality of life

Do you allow yourself to fully experience the flow, rhythm and sensuality of this present life? Or are you constantly in your head and mind?


What does it mean to allow yourself to fully experience the flow and sensuality of life?

We tend to be too much in our minds, sitting behind laptops all day, not moving enough and our mind-body connection is out of whack. It takes conscious effort these days to bring back the balance between mind and body. 

So it's good to get into contact with the physical world: Walk barefoot on the grass. Smell the air & trees. Listen to the birds and let their sound sooth your soul. Get your hands dirty with touching some ground or something natural. Even if it’s 5 -10 min in a day!

Sensuality is living consciously in the present USING your 5 senses: Smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing. Cycling through your senses brings you to consciousness and allows you to enjoy and flow through these senses of life and flow. 

I’m a person who tends to spend most of my time in the future and the past. So this exercise (after many years and reminders) has really helped me to start being more present. 

That is actually what my 6-month travel through South America has been about mostly: Allowing for curiosity, exploring my senses as well as places and people. Following my instincts and allowing for things to unfold. Not thinking too far ahead, not planning too far ahead and practising presence right where I am using this tool when I feel myself reaching too far ahead and when I want to just enjoy the present moment, because wow I’ve been in some special places the past few months and I just really wanted to soak it all in without worrying about taking too many pics or videos. 

Allow yourself the pleasure of experiencing everyday life with all of your senses! This is the source of creativity, inspiration and life!

Check out my snorkelling experience in Bonito Brazil. I’ve never experienced such peace and calm and beauty as I did with these fishes under the crystal clear water!

The flow of the river literally took us down the river for 3 hours, just chilling and floating along with the fishes. 

This water is so clean and beautiful because of the limestone rocks and minerals in the water. We were not even allowed to wear sunscreen or insect repellent as this dirties the water! 

It was so incredible that it just made me want to save the whole planet and help it restore itself back to its natural beauty!

But hey... this world is still a beautiful place, I have certainly been witness to this the past 6 months. So let’s allow ourselves to be healed and soak in the beauty, peace and calm. 

Allow yourself to soak in the calm and beauty of this video and let me know how it goes!

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