I'm Inge,

And I’m currently living my best life, traveling the world while coaching my clients towards being the best version of themselves!

But my life wasn’t always like this…


Where I’ve come from…

Not long ago I was filled with self-doubt. I was unsure of who I really was. I had spent the last 10 years giving all my energy to my soulless corporate career out of fear, believing that it would bring me confidence, financial success and fulfillment. Sure it brought me financial success but it didn’t deliver the confidence and fulfillment. In fact it left me burnt out, exhausted and miserable.

Maybe you can relate?

A few years ago I could have ticked all these boxes:

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  • I had no real vision or goals for my whole life.

  • I allowed others to control my directions and emotions.

  • I didn’t fully understand who I was: my gifts and strengths.

  • I felt unsupported and alone all the time.

  • I allowed negativity in which impacted my energy and had no real boundaries in relationships.

  • I believed that I had to stay in a career which I wasn’t passionate about, didn’t allow me to use my strengths and gifts, and made me feel like I was adding no REAL VALUE to anyone’s life which made me feel worthless and depressed.

  • I was constantly rushing, feeling like I’m behind in life and career, creating anxiety and stress which manifested in my physical, emotional and mental state.

  • I was constantly people pleasing leaving me feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Today My life is very different:

It took me months, no years, to listen to my instincts and let go of my fears.

By saying no to my fears, I allowed myself to say yes to my dreams of living a nomadic life, traveling and learning from people of diverse cultures. I am learning so much about myself, gaining confidence and using my strengths to inspire others to live their best lives and be the best versions of themselves that they can be.

Saying yes to my instincts and letting go of my fears didn’t just happen. It’s been a process of taking a close look at my assumptions and limiting beliefs and unlearning much of what I was conditioned to believe, and to fear.

  • I have a clear vision for my life and career.

  • I have clarity and focus.

  • I am traveling the world……

  • I listen to my own still voice, my intuition.

  • My decisions come from a place of energy, appreciation and joy.

  • Self-care is part of my daily routine and has enhanced my quality of life (and those around me as I am a better person to be around).

  • I have gravitated towards positive relationships.

  • I am pursuing my life’s dreams with purpose and passion.

  • I spend a lot more of my time in flow, doing things that I enjoy (dancing, Zumba, cycling, traveling, being outdoors in nature)

  • Life has become a collection of small daily joys rather than a race between exciting big events.

  • I truly appreciate the breath in my lungs, and my healthy mind, body and soul.


At the moment I’m traveling through South America, learning spanish, salsa & so much about myself!


I spend a lot more time living in flow instead of striving for excellence, perfection and people pleasing!


maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light


- Madeleine L'Engle

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Are you ready to come into the light? Are you ready to live your best life?

come alive - mind, body & soul


Professional Bio


I come from a corporate background (CPA), but found my passion and niche in helping people get unstuck in life and work, and helping them create a life that works for them.

In this world of so much noise, it takes conscious effort to hear your own voice and take steps towards courage, to move out of fear into fabulousness!

  • I am a lifelong learner and hold qualifications as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), Personal Trainer and Life Coach.

  • I worked for 10 years in corporate audit at a top global firm in New York and private equity firm in Cape Town.

  • In 2015, I had the opportunity to pioneer the Human Resources division for a fast-growing firm in need of people growth and management. This was the catalyst that helped me discover my passion for igniting people’s potential and helping them identify their dreams and bring intuition into their careers and lives.

  • I currently split my time between Cape Town and New York, exploring new countries and cultures in my travels around the world.

  • I am an avid cyclist, hiker and traveler. Currently I’m working my way through South America. My next big adventure includes a 10 day hike in Patagonia SOLO, which will be one of the biggest challenges but also hopefully one of the most rewarding experiences!

  • I love to laugh at myself, because in this world I believe if we can learn to do that, we will live longer, healthier and happier lives.