I'm Inge.

I’m on a mission to help you keep life simple, playful and uncluttered - and to help you really care about self-care.

You see, I know what it’s like to be overridden with fear, insecurity and self-doubt in life and in business. I gave myself, heart and soul, for ten long years to the corporate world, hustling for approval and trying to squish myself into a box I just wasn’t made for. The lack of flexibility, inspiration and creativity crushed me slowly but surely, until my health began to suffer.

I was forced to stop and question many of the decisions I’d made in my life so far.


I began to realise that I was defeated by:

  • my powerful need to achieve,

  • my constant people pleasing,

  • an inability to set healthy boundaries at work and in my personal life,

  • growing feelings of resentment and anger,

  • broken self-confidence, self-criticism and self-sabotage,

  • chronic ingratitude,

  • physical illness, and

  • a deep, deep unhappiness.

The message in the back of my mind that played constantly was, “No matter how hard I work, or how much I do, I will never be enough.”


My anxiety, stress and health challenges manifested physically, emotionally and spiritually. I had reached the end of my rope.


maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light


- Madeleine L'Engle

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breakthrough  life coaching

My real breakthrough came with life coaching.

I was introduced to a community of people committed to self-love, compassion, and kindness, people knowing and living out their true purpose, people making bold choices and brave changes. I realised that no one else was going to get me out of this dark place - except me!

With the encouragement and support of a life coach, I began to make my bold choices - courageous decisions that have ultimately benefited my emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

I began to listen to parts of myself that I had shut down, leaving me depressed and lonely.I learned to incorporate play, fun, and joy into my health, business, and relationships again.

The journey up the mountain has been long, but so worth it!

Coming out of of that difficult time reaffirmed my belief in pursuing my dreams of living a strong, healthy life, of travel, and financial stability. More importantly, my journey has set a fire in me to empower other women to listen to their intuition so that they too can live with passion, and find their flow in life and business.


Are you ready to come alive?

come alive - mind, body & soul


Professional Bio


Inge Madden is a Certified Life Coach with 10 years’ experience in Corporate Accounting Finance and Human Resources. Her mission is to empower women to listen to their intuition, to live with passion and self-compassion, and to find their flow in life and business.

  • Inge received a full tennis scholarship at the age of 17 to study and play semi-professional tennis in the USA.
  • She attended a top-rated business college where she obtained her CPA (Certified Public Accounting) Professional Certificate and worked at a top four audit firm in New York.
  • She spent five years in Private Investment Industry in Accounting, Acquisitions & Mergers, where she pioneered the Human Resources department as the company grew to an international level in a short space of time.

  • She returned to South Africa, making Cape Town her new home as it offers “play” and adventure opportunities that are so vital to her core values.
  • Inge’s real breakthrough in her health, anxiety levels and emotions came with life coaching. She has made it her mission to help others uncover their authentic, soul-led dreams and desires and to help them achieve their goals.

  • She spends her time travelling, coaching and following her own instinctive soulful desires of building a life she is passionate about and absolutely loves living.