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You were told that you need a 'steady qualification' first before you can even think of living out your dreams of being a business owner, entrepreneur or a professional dancer!

You keep waiting for the 'right time' to leave that soul-less job and finally do something that makes you come alive!?

Nevermind all the health bills and expenses you've had to fork out due to neck pain, stress and tension, and a lack of sleep or inability to quiet your mind and get focussed.

Nevermind the lack of control you have over your quality time with family and friends, and your own well-being. How are you supposed to live out your purpose and make. real difference if you're chained to your desk 10 hours a day? 

Nevermind the feelings of guilt that pop up when you catch yourself dreaming at your desk about your dreams & plans!

You've lost your confidence in your own abilities and are feeling out of sorts, unsupported in your dreams and passions!

You've lost your courage and spontaneity to break out in dance while in your PJ's! You've lost that real connection with a lot of people in your life due to traveling and living in other countries, exploring & adventure and now you feel disconnected and confused and feel out of place.

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if you (mind, body & soul) are not aligned with what you do, it won't matter how hard you work


But you don't quite know how to get going, it's overwhelming, confusing. Too many voices, opinions and background noise!!

You want to work hard, but for something that you believe in, something that fulfills you from the inside out and drives you towards it instead of it dragging you like a dead donkey!

You want to make a difference, have real purpose, a plan and a vision in your life and business. 

Discover who you are first, what makes you come alive!

...The rest will follow. 

Most people have been taught the other way around, and this is a limiting belief that can be transformed. 


I'm Inge

 A life coach, accountant and heart fuelled, holistic coach who believes that mind body & soul need to be aligned with what you do in this life.

It's too short to spend it living someone else's life and dream. 

I help you re-align who you are, your purpose and vision into a action based plan forward towards coming alive and living the life that ONLY  YOU can live. 

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